YOTEL Shoreditch


The main objective of this project was to create fun, engaging, and lifestyle-oriented imagery for YOTEL Shoreditch. The images were designed to connect with their target audience across various platforms, particularly their website and social media channels.

SkillsLifestyle Photography

Planning & Conceptualisation

The planning stage was crucial for the success of this project. In collaboration with the PR agency Atomic10, we came up with an effective shot list. I was able to lend my expertise in image creation and storytelling to ensure that we could effectively communicate YOTEL’s brand story through the images


To ensure a broad variety of images from a single day of shooting, efficiency was key. Despite working in some tight spaces, we were able to maintain a streamlined setup with a focus on speed and quality. A crucial part of this process was building a good rapport with the model to ensure relaxed and natural results.


The client was delighted with the final images. They have since been prominently featured across YOTEL’s social media, website, and other marketing materials. The success of the project led to further collaboration on numerous other campaigns.

This project perfectly showcases how a well-executed photoshoot can play a vital role in a brand’s storytelling and engagement strategy. The ability to work efficiently under tight constraints, while maintaining high quality, is a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering excellent results.