VCL Vintners Whisky Decanter

ClientVCL Vintners
SkillsDrinks Photography


The aim of this project was to create stunning imagery for the launch of a new whisky decanter. The client’s vision was clear – to produce a visually striking image that highlighted the premium quality of the decanter set against a dark background.

Planning & Conceptualisation

Working directly with the client, we crafted a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve. A significant part of the planning involved understanding the client’s vision and aligning it with my technical skills to ensure the best outcome.


Lighting a glass decanter can be an extremely difficult task. It’s a challenge to create a balance between showcasing the product and retaining its premium look. The project called for research to master the best techniques to light the decanter optimally.

We shot this in an Edinburgh studio with a multi-light setup. The use of soft gradient lighting on the decanter and the background was crucial in portraying the premium nature of the product.


The client was thrilled with the final images, which led to further collaborations on various other projects. Although there were technical challenges involved in lighting the glass decanter, the experience offered an opportunity to push my capabilities as a photographer.